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Leo Weekly Horoscope Leo Weekly Love Horoscope. Stand up to it and don't let it get you down. Get predictions into your love life and relationships from our expert astrologists today! Click on your horoscope sign below to read your weekly horoscope for November 12 to 18, Get your free weekly horoscope and Tarot reading by Saturday of every week. This week will be all about having a good time with your partner. Discover your free Leo daily love horoscope! Get your free weekly leo love horoscope and find out what the planets have to predict regarding your love.

Your free Weekly love horoscope for Leo is one of many Leo weekly astrology predictions for November.

Today's Readings for You

Story from Horoscopes. Instead of acting on your impulses, talk out your fantasies when the Sun conjuncts a retrograde Mercury on Sunday. Our hearts open more freely on Sunday, as the Moon wanes in Pisces until Monday morning at a. Draw on the inner lessons that Cancer season brought you and go forward into the week with courage.

Leo Weekly Horoscope, Free Leo Weekly Astrology Forecasts

Consider what lies on the other side of your fears and embrace your power. The Moon wanes into fiery Aries at a.

EST on Monday morning, inspiring us to take action in finishing up old projects until Wednesday at a. On Wednesday, compliments paid will go a long way as Mercury retrograde conjuncts with Venus. Perfect your follow-through while the Moon wanes in Taurus from p. EST on Wednesday evening until early Saturday morning at a. Our focus sharpens when the Moon illuminates this hard-working sign, so make the most of its influence in the last few days of the week.

Leo season lights up your house of career and reputation, putting you in the spotlight. The coming weeks bring an opportunity to show off your deep and dangerous knowledge, and look good doing it, too! Hard work pays off as your planetary ruler Mars connects with lucky Jupiter, helping you on your way toward financial abundance. Venus in Leo brings a pleasant air to your reputation, making you all the more desirable.

Midweek is a good time for publishing something or sending off some revisions, as sweet Venus meets retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication. These eclipses have been transformative, and not always the easiest.

Weekly Horoscope: July 22 - 28 - VICE

Mercury retrograde continues to find you working through financial setbacks, perhaps via delayed payments or tax bureaucracy. Midweek there is an ease to these tough conversations once Mercury meets the planet of money, Venus, helping to forgive any delays in payment. There is a big boost in confidence that allows you to share your ideas with the world as action planet Mars harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, making it easy for you to cover a lot of ground.

Leo season opens you up to traveling, either mentally through books or physically on planes. The planet of love, Venus, meets with retrograde Mercury, helping you address touchy topics in your partnerships with emotional intelligence.

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You can go over things that have been said that hurt your feelings, or better yet, the things that made you feel good! Leo season activates the sector of your chart related to deep intimacy and transformation, so whatever commitments have been prominent must follow suit as you merge resources or try to understand others on a less-than-superficial level. Cancer season was crunch time for you, dear Aquarius—you had so much to get done! Now that Leo season has arrived, you can spend your summer with the people that you feel complete you.

Leo is your opposite sign, overseeing your house of partnerships. When the sun enters Leo on Monday, you start a new chapter in your relationships. Once Venus moves into Leo this weekend, you can attract the types of partners that are ideal for you—someone that helps you feel comfortable being yourself.

Use Leo season to focus on your health and daily regimen. This can be by literally taking care of your heart, or simply trying a new hair care routine. Midweek, action planet Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, helping you address your responsibilities at work with bold authority and an outstanding work ethic.

Before the weekend, smooth things over with lovers and friends as retrograde Mercury meets sweet Venus, helping you express your affection. Good news Aries: The most intense dynamic of the year is pretty much done!

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The sun leaves Cancer for Leo on Monday, as does Venus on Saturday, helping you get out of the house and spend more time doing things that make you happy. Midweek, sweet Venus meets retrograde Mercury, making it a good time to talk to your family or roommates about your feelings. Communicate your truth—even if it might not be totally clear, it will come from a place of authenticity and emotional intelligence.

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