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October 16 1988 Horoscope
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The world is a jam session and you must groove.

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Pisces: Any activity is improved by coziness. Do anything you can to ensure that you are cozy. The pursuit of cozy might as well be the meaning of life.

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Aries: A city in the center of a great river. The bridges long destroyed, the hanging gardens overgrown. An ancient and forbidden place. Taurus: Whats left of the old college. Taken by a summer flood and frozen in place when winter came. The basement library is still preserved under the ice. Gemini: The prison ghetto.

Eventually the slave ships stopped coming and the town overtook these hopeless stone walls. Cursed stone re-purposed into homes, basking in the light.

Horoscop balanta poimaine

Cancer: A secluded, but stately manor. Iron gates still closed and sealed shut.

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The home within the walls is a burned husk. The garden flourishes in the ash. Leo: A village left seemingly abandoned. The trees are all barren and fruitless. The sun seems dimmer here. Virgo: The dry caldera. Spires of a great forge still jut from the rock at an odd angles, like the masts of a sinking ship. Ore flues clogged with stone cool as the spring air. Libra: The remains of an aqueduct. Pillars of stone and masonry dotting the fields of wildflowers.

Nobody can remember where they got the water from, or where it went. Scorpio: The bay of kings. Stone colossi stand with blades thrust into the surf.

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Their faces have been worn smooth by the years. None of the fishermen remember their names. Ophiuchus: Low structures cut in the canyon walls. Stairways and boulevards like the paths of the river below.

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Horoscop saptamanal balanta urania

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horoscop saptamanal balanta urania - horoscop claudia patrascanu

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