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And whether someone else thinks that that show was essential or not, it was vital for you, as a woman, to start a conversation like that. To have trauma played out on stage and had people bear witness.

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And so, in that respect I say, that is important and that, figuratively, walking across the hot coals to make that, is worth it. But, does the act of putting things out need to happen all the time? I was having a conversation with a cast-mate the other day, and we were talking about Daniel MacIvor versus Bryden MacDonald. Daniel is someone who has genuinely inspired me, who I respect entirely, has cultivated a massive amount of work and is one of the people responsible for putting Nova Scotia and, to some extent, Canada, on the map.

But, we were saying that Daniel will sell out to pay his bills, where Bryden will take years to write a play, and it will be substantially better; Bryden is far better the writer, but Bryden will never be as famous as Daniel MacIvor. And arguably that question of reach is crucial. I was having this conversation with another playwright-turned-television-writer, Nicolas Billon , who wrote Butcher. If it has a couple of different productions, then maybe you will end up reaching a couple of thousand people, but, like, the reach of television. And if you do, and certainly some people do it, I am always very aware of it.

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And you will never know, and I will ever tell you. Which I think was challenging for me and continues to be. Because Laura is writing about this thing that happened to her.

History of astrology and astronomy

And at a particular point, towards the end of the play, she becomes aware of other women who have had similar situations to her own and feels a kind of responsibility. Yeah, I heard a curator speaking about her work. And the curator said, in her opinion, Georgia spent like, an enormous amount of time out of her life, like 60 years or something, as an artist, just trying to master one painting.

She was trying to paint one image. Of course, aesthetically the way that her searching manifested was very different, but the message, the point, the undercurrent of all her work was always heading in one direction, and I kind of think that maybe all artists, in some capacity, are doing that. But even the people who walk on hot coals have to rest their feet sometime. But because we live in a society that is so productivity based, we have forgotten the time it takes to cultivate an artist.

You know?

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She would go out and water the cactuses and whatever, but I mean, do you think that woman had thousands of dollars? There are lots of things available to us, but at the same time, there is deep neglect around the time it takes to cultivate the artistic voice.


I also think that our lives, living our lives outside of doing work; having our hearts broken, risking vulnerability with other people, making dear friendships, getting in bike accidents, losing people, all of these things that happen to us, I think are part of the work. I mean…I struggle with that, because I agree with you, and I think, yes, there can be bravery and courage in that, but —.

And it feels gross, actually, parts of it. Because you think, am I? And what is unique about me? And there is like an otherworldly, I feel it, an otherworldly calling. A spirituality that I certainly feel in my work, and I have talked to many artists that also feel it. My happiness will change, my distress, my fear, but also my contentment and my pride.

They will all evolve and continue to exist. I think torture is a big part of what I do.

History of astrology and astronomy Research Papers -

I was raised in a culture that taught me that my role as a woman was a subservient one. And all the women in my life, I grew up in a small town, so all the women in my life were examples of this. Those identities come first.

Intro to Astrology Teleconference Class - With Maria DeSimone

I distinctly remember this conversation where my mother was on the phone with my aunt, and I picked up the phone and listened. I also think there is a such a negative association with that word, but mainly for women. The expectation is that we will serve and buoy our family and our children, and we will raise them and support them as they go and achieve their dreams, often at the expense of our own lives.

And so, I think so much of my existence is wrapped in that: my youth, in my upbringing, my culture. I have a partner that encourages me to live for myself, who loves me for my independence and my mind. But feeling that I am required to serve, to put his needs before my own, still lives in me. Vermasaren [6] shows Mithras, the unconquerable sun, and his two torch-bearers, Cautes, sunrise, and Cautopates, sunset, equally sized in a 3-branch pine tree, visible at Dieburg , Germany. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See also Cumont, Franz. Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism Richard Gordon. Edinburgh University Press p. That it was possible to represent them sometimes simply by their phrygian caps shows that the Mithraists took their presence for granted p. Gordon, Edinburgh University Press p. And it certainly did not surprise anyone who knew her when, years later, she left a respectable job as a travel agency receptionist and began to practice astrology.

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  4. Now, of course, many of the people she grew up with might wish that they had been strange themselves. Napoli, 54, has become a highly sought-after Madame Blavatsky to a devoted and growing circle of rich and famous people in the worlds of fashion, film, art and even high finance. Every weekday, client after sunglassed client troops up the stairs of her thoroughly ordinary buzzer building to her emphatically unglamorous apartment, where she seats them at a small table and pulls their astrological charts out of a big filing cabinet draped with spidery lace.

    Her neighbors have been known to crack their doors when they hear footsteps on her floor. Napoli, giggling, ''and she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Many of Ms.

    For Isaac Mizrahi, there's no place like home

    Napoli's longtime clients -- like Donna Karan and Isaac Mizrahi, who started seeing her when he was 18 -- also get the privilege of quickie chart readings via cell phone from Paris or Milan or Hollywood. Last week was calm, because many of her fashion clients were working at the shows at Bryant Park, too busy for the moment courting stars to consult them. For someone who is entrusted with the intimate secrets of so many stylish people, someone who helps to order their momentous lives, often down to the details, Ms.

    Napoli in person is not what you may expect.

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    She answers the door barefoot, with chipped toenail polish, wearing a plain black housedress and grandmotherly glasses. Her apartment, where she has lived for more than 20 years, looks as if it would get no sunlight even if the yellowing shades were raised. Almost every flat surface is covered with papers or pillows or books or Fluffy, who gets around. Many of her clients say that both Ms.